Saturday, February 21, 2009

3 weeks and counting

Hi, my first ever blog. I am currently holding my newborn. He is currently 3 weeks old exactly. I am writing this blog because my first love has been wine for so long, but of course my new son has taken that spot. :) However, sadly, my second love is now wine. I am a mom on a budget and I must drink wine on a budget. I have always splurged on wine intake, but now I cannot. I have been shopping at Walmart for these cheap wines. My purpose for writing this blog is to distinguish the good stuff from the mediocre stuff. I have searched online for something like this blog and have found nothing. So here we go. I have drank a lot of wine, and have never wrote about it. I am a honest individual that wants to help people out there that just want to buy some cheap wine at a local grocer. I am a midwest girl, and just love wine. So join me for this blog and enjoy some cheap wine, with me.

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