Friday, March 13, 2009

Chaumette Norton 2004

I bought a whole case of this wine because of the fabulous deal. This winery is located in St. Genevieve MO and is the best winery in the area. For a whole case is was only 8 bucks a bottle. A friend and I shared the price for the case and it was even a better deal. The norton is one of the best nortons I have tasted, and it is full bodied with a wonderful nose. Check Chaumette at You can also become a club member and save even more money on their wine, and get two bottles every quarter of their new selections. Of course, I am a club member!!

Missouri Wineries

This week my husband and I went to Herman Missouri to visit some wineries.... as the weeks go by I will be releasing information about this wineries, and prices for this wines. Always remember that buying the wine at the winery will be cheaper than buying it in a store. Also you can tell what kind of people and wine you will be getting by going to the winery. The ambiance is way better at the winery than at the liquor store!!! :) So be watching as I bring up all these new wines that I found!