Friday, March 13, 2009

Chaumette Norton 2004

I bought a whole case of this wine because of the fabulous deal. This winery is located in St. Genevieve MO and is the best winery in the area. For a whole case is was only 8 bucks a bottle. A friend and I shared the price for the case and it was even a better deal. The norton is one of the best nortons I have tasted, and it is full bodied with a wonderful nose. Check Chaumette at You can also become a club member and save even more money on their wine, and get two bottles every quarter of their new selections. Of course, I am a club member!!

Missouri Wineries

This week my husband and I went to Herman Missouri to visit some wineries.... as the weeks go by I will be releasing information about this wineries, and prices for this wines. Always remember that buying the wine at the winery will be cheaper than buying it in a store. Also you can tell what kind of people and wine you will be getting by going to the winery. The ambiance is way better at the winery than at the liquor store!!! :) So be watching as I bring up all these new wines that I found!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bohemian Highway Cab Sav.

This is the best deal yet. Only 5 bucks at Walmart and it is totally a steal!!! I will be buying this one over and over. This brand also comes in other types as well. I will be tasting these in the future. The nose is very fragrant, right when the cork was popped its nose hit me and my husband in the next room! The color is lighter than I would like, but this is not a full bodied wine, its great with anything. I recommend this one immediately!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Hogue Cab Sav

I found this wine at a local liquor store for less than 10 bucks. This brand is also at Walmart. Something interesting about this wine is the screw top lid. Which makes it easy to open while holding a screaming kid, haha. This is a good wine probably one of the better ones I've tried. It does pour a litte thin, but the taste does make up for it!

Monday, February 23, 2009

2004 St. James Norton reserve

This was a purchase I made before I had the child, so this was not too cheap. It has everything you want from a norton. The nose is fabulous, strong, chocolate, and unforgettable. The pour is thick, deep deep maroon, that you cannot see through. Most cheap wines are completely see through and bubbly. This ain't champaign people. :) You can only find this at the St. James winery in St. James, Missouri. This is a terrific winery that really promotes the norton grape.

Chateau Ste. Michelle 2005 Cabernet Sav.

I found this one at a local liquor store for a bit over 10 bucks. I would say it is just as good as your going to get with 10 bucks. Its not totally smooth but it is worthy of a buy. You can always tell its a cheap wine when there are too many bubbles while pouring, this shows you it is not very thick, and that is the dream of a red wine drinker. The nose is not great, usually you want your red to smell like everything you want for a dessert, chocolate. This does not even give you a hint. So this wine is ok, not great i wish it was cheaper.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Two Leafs Cab Sav.

This was the 3 buck wine they have currently at Walmart. Oh my gosh, its totally worth the 3 bucks. Ha ha. I am not sure if I would buy this wine again, but for 3 bucks it wasn't bad. so keep in mind when looking at cheap cheap wines, are they worth their price. They probably are, I would buy this wine before the Gallo wine any day.